About Us

At TRIPTAILOR, we are a part of a high-class tour operating team, specialized in the luxury travel industry, worldwide. Our employees are our greatest asset – they have a deep understanding of what customer service really means.


Triptailor’s new undertaking is to reveal to the World, Central and Eastern Europe’s unfairly underrated charm, through unique concepts that go beyond the standard and ordinary tour packages. We paint your travel experiences in vibrant colors, through original experiences and especially selected venues, which are destined to remain forever in your heart. Triptailor offers wonderfully designed and eye opening itineraries for the folllowing destinations: Romania, The Republic of Moldavia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece.


Every traveler’s whish is to unravel the mysteries of the destination that he/she, dreams of. Because we are aware of the importance of this fact, we make time especially for you, to listen to your dreams and expectations, in order be able to offer your best ever, travel experience.


Every journey is a small piece of a tale that each destination tells, in it’s unique and unmistakable way. Even though we love the established, well-known tourist attractions  – they have become internationally known, for a reason – we strongly feel that the real magic happens, once we step out of the beaten path. With each offer, we strive to provide our customers with a completely personalized and authentic journey…the kind that only a strong and deep local knowledge, can provide. Whether we are talking about rowing on the Lacanja river through the lush tropical jungle, paddling next to a rice field in Bali, enjoying a traditional dinner in the midst of a local family in Cusco, or something else, completely different, our exceptionally well trained team, is here to fulfill each and everyone of your expectations.


The Triptailor counselours are at your disposal 24/7, through a designated contact list, offering you immediate assisstance, for any enquiries that you might have, or situations that you might encounter.


Our prices include all the corresponding costs to the offers that we send and in case some of the services require paying additional taxes, we underline it and advise the clients, accordingly. Moreover, we are also making efforts, to advise our colleagues in the market, that still use the hidden costs policy, to adopt our open way of working.

The world is an amazing place and we would like to be able to keep enjoying indefinitely, the wonders that she has to offer us. We believe that there is never enough, or too much awareness…that is why, we take every opportunity to advise our customers to act counciously, respecting the local culture and to contribute, even in the smallest way possible, to the sustainable development of the places they visit.

Excellence is not only our endeavour, but also the very essence of our thoughts.