Experience Romania, Bulgaria & Macedonia – 14 Days/13 Nights Tour



Meet your guide at the airport in Bucharest and transfer to the GRAND CONTINENTAL HOTEL 5*.

Enjoy some leisure time at the hotel and dinner on your own, for which we have a very nice recommendation:

the oldest surviving restaurant in Bucharest: CARU’ CU BERE (The Beer Wagon), which offers also different shows each night (reservations upon request).

The restaurant was established in 1879 in Calea Victoriei Street by Ion Carabasanu, a former Romanian army volunteer, coming from Transylvania. The building and the establishment became famous in the commercial field of Bucharest, at the beginning of the 1900’s, when the owner, received the military decorations of the Order of the Romanian Crown and of the Order of the Star of Romania. Today, the restaurant is as loved as it was when it first opened. The restaurant is a relaxing 10 minutes walk from and to the hotel.

Meal plan: no meals included on this day


Breakfast at the hotel. Today you will head to the city of Sinaia, the pearl of the Carpathians and on your way you will visit the Royal Court of the Muntenia region, situated in the city of Targoviste.

Built between the 15-17th century this is the place from where the country was ruled at that time, and it is maybe the most representative example of Romanian art and architecture, as the monuments here, contain innovative elements which influenced the development of the architectonics, at that time, in Romania. One of the most impressive monuments still standing, is the Chindia Tower. Built with a clear military purpose during Vlad the Impaler’s rule, the tower had different purposes over the ages, like storing the state treasury or serving as guard point. From the beginning of last century, as the city lost its importance, people used it as a fire spotting point, since it was the tallest building in the area. Nowadays, it is hosting a small museum and different exhibitions.

Lunch on your own.

After lunch we continue on to Sinaia, where upon your arrival and check-in at IOANA HOTEL 5* , you will have time to relax.

Meal plan: Breakfast


In the morning after serving a delicious breakfast at the hotel you will visit the Peles Castle.

During summer, the city is teeming with mountaineers and nature lovers that are coming from all corners of Romania to Sinaia - the gateway to the Bucegi Mountains. Two cable cars are taking tourists up from the city to an impressive altitude of 2000 meters, where you can either enjoy the best ski slopes, or simply take in the greatness of nature and all the beauty of the panoramic views.

From the heart of the Sinaia resort, a trail is leading up to the impressive Peles Castle - a visit that you will definitely remember.

Majestically perched on a hilltop and a landmark of Romania, this particular castle is a daily reminder of the glorious Royal past of the country. It took over 40 years and hundreds of builders and artists to create this masterpiece that can still be admired today, wonderfully preserved like it once was, as there is not even a single piece of furniture or decoration missing. Built to serve the purpose of a summer residence for the royal family, Peles is full of items such as Murano glass, furniture carved out of walnut wood, silk rugs and polished marble. One of the most appreciated rooms of the palace is the so called Oriental Room where we can still see today, the collection of weapons of the king. Lunch on your own.

After this exquisite visit you can serve lunch in a very traditional way at the restaurant CUTITUL DE ARGINT – (The silver knife) where the meat is served pierced on a sword, or you can simply breathe in the clean air of Sinaia.

Continue towards Brasov where you will have a short pedestrian tour.

The city is nestled between the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains and boasts an impressive mix of gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture. It was founded in 1211, by the Teutonic Knights, later on settled by the Saxons, that turned it into a walled citadel and developed it to become one of the richest towns in Transylvania.

After the tour you will check in at the ARO PALACE 5* hotel.

Meal plan: Breakfast


Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning you will depart from the hotel and start your journey towards the heart of Transylvania county. Your first stop will be in Sighisoara, the UNESCO recognized medieval citadel where you will enjoy a charming pedestrian tour. Visit to the Clock Tower and some free time in the heart of the citadel, where narrow alleys full with souvenirs welcome guests from all over the world. Here you will meet the story of Count Dracula as it is said that Sighisoara is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler.

During the 14th and up to the 16th Century, the city was a military and political stronghold. The Saxons who were ruling the city at that time, erected fourteen towers and five artillery bastions around the city walls in order to protect it from the Turkish raids and to store ammunition and supplies. Nowadays, only nine towers and two bastions are still standing.

Lunch on your own. After lunch you will leave towards Bran and make a first stop in Saschiz for a delicious tasting of gems and marmalades, organized in a local – rural house.

Arriving in Bran you will visit one of the most iconic castles of Romania, known as Dracula’s Castle - Bran. Bram Stoker’s character Dracula blends perfectly with the image of Vlad the Impaler, a very cruel Romanian Prince that lived in a castle located high above a valley, perched on a rock with a flowing river below, in the Principality of Transylvania. This description matches in the smallest detail, the one of Bran Castle, a fortress built in the year 1211 by the Teutonic Knights – a catholic religious order.

Late in the afternoon you will arrive back to Brasov.

Meal plan: Breakfast


Breakfast at the hotel. Today we will return to Bucharest and dedicate the second part of the day exploring the capital city of Romania - Bucharest.

The day will start with a panoramic tour of Bucharest and continue with the visit to the second biggest administrative building in the world: The Palace of Parliament.

Built by the former communist ruler Nicolae Ceausescu as part of his ambitious urban development plan, this building stands for one of the most extravagant and expensive edifices erected during the last century.

After the visit you will be transferred back to the hotel where you can relax on your last day before departure or you can choose to explore the city on your own.

Meal plan: Breakfast


After breakfast at the hotel we will head to Bulgaria.

Our first stop will be in Arbanassi, where we will arrive just in time for an engaging cooking class, which will reveal the secret on how to prepare the famous Bulgarian yogurt and a mouth-watering traditional cheese pastry. Following this interesting culinary experience, you will enjoy a delicious lunch, before heading on a tour of Arbanassi.

Together with our guide, we will take a stroll through the ethnographic complex of Arbanassi, where they have managed to perfectly preserve the architecture from the National Revival period. After the tour of the town, you will be transferred to the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire - Veliko Tarnovo. Here, you will engage on an adventure through the ages, by visiting the amazingly well preserved Tsaravets Fortress, the Samovodska craftsmen street and many many more interesting sites. The tour will end with a stop & entrance to the splendid Wax museum, located in the heart of the city.

You’ll have dinner in Veliko Tarnovo at an old inn, nowadays, a deluxe local restaurant, which was built in the mid 1800’s.

Meal planBreakfast


After breakfast, we will explore the Valley of Roses and the central part of Bulgaria, rightfully dubbed the Valley of Thracian Kings. Start by following in the footsteps of Bulgarian Indiana Jones and visit one of the Thracian beehive tombs. We continue on with an overpoweringly scented visit to the Rose Valley. In late May and June, millions of rose blossoms are hand-picked here and later on, turned into the world famous essential oil, cherished by the perfume industry giants, such as Givenchy and Dior. Enjoy a visit to the Rose Museum and learn about the secrets of the „Bulgarian Liquid Gold”. At the House of the Rose, you will be complimented with rose jam, liqueur and brandy tastings. The highlight of the day will be the Orthodox Choir Concert at a charming church in Kazanlak.

Lunch will be served at the local restaurant in Kazanlak. Following lunch, we will head to a charming town, nestled at the foot of Sredna Gora mountains, in Central Bulgaria. With a history spanning over 8000 years, Stara Zagora is one of Europe’s oldest settlements. Take a trip down history lane down to Roman times, when Emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus established in present day Stara Zagora, a city which was named Augusta Trayana, in his honor. Nowadays, you can admire the Roman forum together with the preserved parts of the amphitheatre, thermal baths, city walls etc. Go back in time even further by visiting the Neolithic Dwellings Museum, which hosts two Neolithic lodgings, together with a rich collection of artifacts.

In late afternoon, we will check-in for a one night stay at an upscale winery which entered the hospitality business, when the new owners purchased a former school building. After finalizing the restoration works carried out in minute detail, the former school became a small gem of a boutique hotel, with its own private cellar. Enjoy a wine tour at the Midalidare Estate, including a visit to the wine museum and an exquisite tasting of 8 premium types of wines. The day will end with an exclusive dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city. Its unique atmosphere and history of more than 4000 years, together with its charming cobbled streets, rich cultural calendar, bohemian cafes, restaurants, art galleries and traditional houses were all part of the reasons why it was chosen to represent Europe as its Capital of Culture, for the year 2019.

Enjoy a leisurely sightseeing tour to discover the town’s Roman legacy and its 19th Century pastel colored houses, that rub shoulders in the cobbled Old Town. On our schedule we have included also the entrance to the Antique Theatre in Plovdiv (one of the best preserved ancient theatres in the world).

Lunch at a local restaurant, located in the pedestrian area of the town, followed by check-in at the hotel and leisure time in the city centre, until dinner. During dinner, you will enjoy a lively folklore show, at the hotel’s restaurant.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


After breakfast, we will proceed to the capital city of Bulgaria. Upon arrival in Sofia, we will embark on a lovely sightseeing tour, including the Alexander Nevsky church, the Saint Sofia Church (built in the 6th Century), the former Royal Palace, the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, the ruins of Serdica (as Sofia was known, in ancient times) and many more.

Delicious lunch at a centrally located restaurant, in Sofia. After lunch, we will be transferred to the hotel for the check-in and we will have a bit of free time to rest. In the afternoon, we will learn more about the Bulgarian history by visiting the National History Museum and one of the symbols of Sofia: the Boyana Church – included on UNESCO’s World heritage list. Free time until dinner.

Dinner in a centrally located restaurant, which boasts a breath-taking panoramic view.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


After breakfast, together with the guide, you will head to the mesmerizing „Rila Monastery” – the main tourist attraction in Bulgaria. Founded in the 10th Century and UNESCO Heritage Site since 1983, it is the largest and most famous Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. The monastery complex houses a rich collection of icons, wall paintings and old printed books. On our tour, we will get the chance to stand in front of the mesmerizing gold plated iconostasis located in the main church and to visit the residential part of the complex & the monastery’s museum, famous for housing Rafael’s Cross. We will also have a photo stop at the tower of Hrelyu.

Lunch at a local restaurant, where you will be able to taste trout-based typical dishes.

Our final stop for the day is Kyustendil, a city which oozes history, known in antiquity as Pautalia. During the city tour, right in the city centre, we will stumble upon the town’s traces of the past – the ancient ruins of the civilizations that have come before. Dinner and overnight at a SPA hotel in Kyustendil, where you can pamper yourself with deluxe massages and relaxing SPA procedures.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Following breakfast, we will cross the Bulgarian – Macedonian border and head to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, endowed with a history going back to 4000 BC. The Kale fortress, overlooking the city centre, is brimming with neolithic archaeological remains, unearthed in the last decades. Our sightseeing tour includes the Memorial House of Mother Teresa, the Old Bazaar, the Stone Bridge, the Kale Fortress and a typical Macedonian square.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.

After lunch, we will be transferred to the Matka valley – a breathtaking gorge which nestles a series of charming medieval monasteries. Here, you will enjoy a lovely tour of the area, in the midst of nature. After returning to Skopje, you will have a bit of leisure time until dinner.

We invite you to a traditional Macedonian restaurant, for a tasty dinner.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


After breakfast transfer to the astonishing city of Ohrid where the famous lake Ohrid is located. In the antiquity the city was known under the ancient Greek name "Lychnidos" meaning "City of light".

The city tour of Ohrid will start with a lovely cruise on the Ohrid lake,lincluding photo stop at St. John Theologian Kaneo church.

Lunch at a beach restaurant.

Following lunch you will engage on sightseeing tour with visits to Samuil's fortress, St. Sofia Church, Bay of Bones Museum, St. Clement Ohridski Monastery, the Ancient Theatre, Museum of the Icons as well as the monument of St. St. Cyril Methodious along more. Free time until dinner will give you the chance to explore the city atmosphere and feel the spirit of Ohrid. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Breakfast at the hotel. For your last day in Macedonia, you will enjoy a sightseeing tour of Bitola. It is one of the oldest cities in the Republic of Macedonia, founded as Heraclea Lyncestis, in mid 4th Century BC by Philip II Macedon. During the sightseeing tour you will have the opportunity to admire the Turkish market, the Yeni Mosque, the clock tower and the melancholic ruins of the ancient city of Heraclea, located in the outskirts of present day Bitola.

Delicious lunch at a local restaurant in Bitola.

After visiting Bitola, we will be transferred to Veles, where we will spend the night. The area where the city of Veles was established, has been inhabited for over a millennium. During its beginnings as a settlement, it was a Paionian city, called Bylazora. For short periods of time, it was also part of the Second Bulgarian Empire, as well as part of the Serbian Empire.

Dinner and overnight in Veles.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


After breakfast you will be transferred to Skopje for your flight back home.

Meal plan: Breakfast

Accomodation & Tarriffs

Location4* Category5* Category
Bucharest Grand Continental Hotel
Sinaia Ioana Hotel
Brasov Aro Palace
Veliko TarnovoGrand Hotel Yantra 
Stara Zagora - MogilovoMidalidare Hotel & SPA 
PlovdivLandmark Creek Hotel & SPA 
Sofia Grand Hotel Sofia
Kyustendil Strimon Garden SPA Hotel
Skopje Hotel Marriott
Ohrid Hotel Inex Gorica
Veles Gardenia Hotel & SPA
Period January - December 2018
Tarriffs5* Category
Total tarrif/person4795 euro

Included services

  • 13 night’s accommodation at the specified hotels or similar
  • Meals specified in the program
  • English speaking guide throughout the tour
  • All transfers and tours indicated in the outlined itinerary
  • Excursions, visits and activities, according to the program
  • Entrance tickets for all the mentioned visits
  • City taxes
  • Passenger welcome kit with map, suggested restaurants, gift and pick-up time
  • 24-hours emergency phone numbers
  • Visa assistance if required

Extra services

  • Visa costs if visa is required
  • Flights or other flight related costs
  • Early check-in & late check-out
  • Porterage (airport & hotel)
  • Other meals, except for the ones specified in the program
  • Additional drinks, except the ones indicated in the meal plan
  • Tips for guide and driver
  • Optional excursions and visits
  • Personal Expenses
  • Medical insurance
  • Other services or expenses, except the ones mentioned in the “included” section (for example: massages, casino, telephone, internet, etc.


  • Remarks about feasibility of tours: most tours can be done also during the winter November- March (may vary in some areas), but some roads may not be accessible in that period due to heavy snow fall.
  • Tariffs are subject to changes, especially if heavy fluctuation in exchange rate and/or fuel prices.
  • All tours and tariffs are subject to changes in case of cancellations or overbooking of flights, changes in timetable, bad weather and road conditions, strike, , closing of sites, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods.
  • No services has been blocked for this tour. Ground services availability will be checked when we receive your enquiry. The availability will be re- confirmed, when the deposit has been made and received.
  • In case of a last minute notification from the hotel, regarding the already confirmed availability, we commit ourselves to replace it with another hotel from the same category, or a superior one.
  • For the transportation services, we will use cars, mini vans or buses, adequate to the number of participants.


  • The prices are valid for 2018, except legal holidays in Romania, when additional costs may apply.
  • We will supply you with all the required company details, including the SWIFT code, in order to safely proceed with the payment.
  • Payment will be made in Euros, to the provided bank account.
  • In case of payment by credit card, the bank will perceive an extra commission of 1.6%, of the full value of the transaction.
  • The payment will be made, as follows:
  • For the ground services, an advance payment of 30% of the full value of the package, will be made at the moment of the reservation;
  • The other 70% of the full value of the package, will be paid the latest, one month before the beginning of the services and the exact dates for the payment will be set through annexes to the contract.
  • For service confirmations received 30 days before they commence, full prepayment will be made at the moment of the confirmation.
  • If the client wishes to include also the flights in the present package, the price for the flights, will be paid in full, at the moment of their reservation.
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